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Thomasius, Christian: Ausgewählte Werke

Christian Thomasius (1655-1728) is justly considered the founder of German En­lightenment, which he inaugurated in 1687 with a first announcement of a lecture in German. Originally a lawyer, he is at the same time the first great philosopher of the Enlightenment and the author of a German textbook on logic and ethics, as well as the "the father of a German journalism" through his publication of the first German monthly. He was a professor at, and a co-founder of, the university of Halle, systema­tically distinguish between law and ethics.
Thomasius’ list of publications comprises over 300 titles, a comprehensive edition of them is neither available nor to be expected. The “Selected Works” presented here contain above all his philosophical writings including those dealing with philosophy of law, with the term “philosophy” applied in its wide 11h and 18th century sense. Wherever possible, the reprints are based on the first edition and they are accompanied by an introduction and new extensive indices.

NumberBd. 20
TitleCautelen zur Erlernung der Rechtsgelehrtheit
AuthorThomasius, Christian
Year of Publication2006
Place of publicationHildesheim [u.a.]
Pica Productions NumberPPN521228603
Scanned Pages732
Persistent URLhttp://www.olmsonline.de/purl?PPN521228603

Structureperson's index
Scanned Pages8

StructureMultivolume Work
TitleAusgewählte Werke
AuthorThomasius, Christian
Year of Publication1993
Place of publicationHildesheim [u.a.]
Pica Productions NumberPPN521206804
CollectionsPhilosophie/Neuzeit (bis Kant)
Persistent URLhttp://www.olmsonline.de/purl?PPN521206804