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Herder, Johann Gottfried: Sämtliche Werke

Book Description:
The Suphan Herder edition has remained to the present day the most comprehensive and authoritative publication of Herder's works. Based upon the selection of Herder's writings and posthu­mous works edited by his widow between 1805 and 1820, it has been since its publication the critical and historical edition to which Herder's scholarship has always referred.
Thanks to Bernhard Suphan's efforts the completeness, accuracy and purity of the text have been assured, and the whole is based upon Herder's own orthography and punctuation. The introductions contain the necessary general information and trace the history of the works from their inception to their publication.
The editing of this text continued for more than 36 years and was taken up after Bernhard Suphan's death by Reinhold Steig. The arrangement follows the stages of Herder's development: prose works, poetry and poetic paraphrases, writings connected with Herder' s administrative duties. Within each of these three areas a chronological arrangement has been observed the last volume, volume 33, contains supplements and chronological charts, together with an index to all the volumes.
As editor, Bernhard Suphan has illuminated Herder's central position in the intellectual history of the late Enlightenment. As, no other of his contemporaries Herder represents the intellectual aspirations of his time - aspirations which were to foreshadow the major theoretical developments of the 19th century in the fie1ds of history, languages, religion and culture - and he unifies these in a visionary and historica11y-rooted ideal of humanity. For some time to come, the Suphan edition will remain the authoritative source for Herder' s works.

StructureMultivolume Work
TitleSämtliche Werke
AuthorHerder, Johann Gottfried
Year of Publication1967
PublisherOlms [u.a.]
Place of publicationHildesheim
Pica Productions NumberPPN521286867
CollectionsDeutsche Literaturklassiker
Philosophie/Neuzeit (bis Kant)
Persistent URLhttp://www.olmsonline.de/purl?PPN521286867