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Jacob und Wilhelm Grimm: Werke

One of the most surprising desiderata for early and modern German studies has been the lack of a complete edition of the works of Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, although their work represents one of the greatest achievements of German literature as well as of linguistics and literary studies.
By collecting and studying the spoken language and setting it on an equal footing with the written language as particularly valuable for scholarly research and further practical use, they exercised a worldwide and inestimable influence on the scholarship, education, literature and art of modern national cultures.
To Wilhelm Grimm we owe, among other achievements, the establishment of the simple literary form of the fairy tale. Jacob Grimm was the founder of ‘Germanistik’ as the study of the oral and written language and culture of Germanic peoples.
The respected Germanist Ludwig Erich Schmitt has compiled this edition of individual volumes in facsimile reprint, each with a detailed introduction by the editor.
It is divided into five sections: the joint works of the Brothers Grimm, the works of Jacob Grimm, the works of Wilhelm Grimm, their correspondence (which will appear later) and a documentation section.
This at last provides German studies with a scholarly edition of the works of Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, including many texts appearing for the first time since their original publication.

TitleVon der Trunkenheit.
Pages188 - 192
Scanned Pages5

NumberBd. 38 = Abt. 3, [1], Teil 2
TitleAltdeutsche Wälder
AuthorGrimm, Jacob
Year of Publication1999
Place of publicationHildesheim [u.a.]
Pica Productions NumberPPN521213169
Scanned Pages295
Persistent URLhttp://www.olmsonline.de/purl?PPN521213169

StructureMultivolume Work
AuthorGrimm, Wilhelm; Grimm, Jacob
Year of Publication1985
Place of publicationHildesheim [u.a.]
Pica Productions NumberPPN521163617
Persistent URLhttp://www.olmsonline.de/purl?PPN521163617