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Heyse, Paul: Gesammelte Werke

In 1924, ten years after Paul Heyse’s death, the literary historian Erich Petzet set out to rediscover the author. A planned edition of Heyse’s works from the firm of Cotta was to be published in three series, giving a rounded picture of the most successful author in 19th-century cultural, literary and intellectual history and Germany’s first Nobel laureate. Erich Petztet’s work remained the only edition of Heyse’s works to be overseen by an experienced literary historian and editor which can lay claim to representative validity but not to completeness.
The extension of the edition by three further series now seeks to make up for this lack: with the exception of unpublished plays and diaries, the planned Complete Edition –  the first to merit this title – will contain all traceable novels, novellas, plays, poems, translations and essays by Heyse.
Series 1-3 are reprints of the Cotta edition; series 4-6 are being edited by Markus Bernauer and Norbert Miller. Series 4 will contain novellas, short stories, poems, translations and essays, as well as translations (including those of Shakespeare) and an index of all series published so far. Series 5 will contain the model translations of 18th century Italian poets (as well as the Italienisches Liederbuch) which are among the classics of German literature. Heyse’s complete plays round off the edition.

StructureMultivolume Work
TitleGesammelte Werke
AuthorHeyse, Paul
Year of Publication1995
Place of publicationHildesheim [u.a.]
Pica Productions NumberPPN521013364
Persistent URLhttp://www.olmsonline.de/purl?PPN521013364

NumberReihe 5, Bd. 2
TitleItalienische Dichter in Übersetzungen
AuthorLeopardi, Giacomo
Year of Publication1999
Place of publicationHildesheim [u.a.]
Pica Productions NumberPPN52105298X
Scanned Pages383
CollectionsDeutsche Literaturklassiker
Persistent URLhttp://www.olmsonline.de/purl?PPN52105298X