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Olms Online is an E-Book portal specifically for libraries and scholarly institutions. These may register and thus guarantee their members and staff access to Olms Online. Unless any variation is agreed in writing, the business relationship between you (hereafter ‘the user’) and us, the Georg Olms Verlag AG, Hagentorwall 7, D-31134 Hildesheim, Germany (hereafter ‘Olms Verlag’) is valid exclusively according to the following conditions, including all requirements resulting therefrom. Variant conditions will not be recognised unless expressly agreed in writing (by letter or fax) in individual cases.

1. This website (hereafter ‘Olms Online’) is managed and controlled by the Georg Olms Verlag and the Göttinger Digitalisierungszentrum at the State and University Library in Göttingen in the Federal Republic of Germany. The use and content of this website are subject to the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany

2. OLMS ONLINE is in principle accessible at any time; however, the Olms Verlag has the right to cease the operation of OLMS ONLINE at any time and without having to give reasons for this. Users will be informed of the cessation of operation at least one month in advance.

2a. Where the servive requires a fee, no follow-up costs (e.g. service charges, update costs) are incurred on our part.

3. The registered user will receive permanent access to OLMS ONLINE. With this, the Olms Verlag gives the user rights of use and access. The user will keep these confidential to prevent access by third parties, and will not pass them on to unauthorised third parties.

3a. The Olms Verlag reserves the right to adapt the portal to technical changes, but is not obliged to do so.

3b. The user acknowledges that a 100% availability of OLMS ONLINE is not technically possible. The Olms Verlag of course always seeks to guarantee the greatest possible availability, but is not responsible for the successful accessing of OLMS ONLINE by Internet users in each individual case. Issues of waiting time, security or capacity and events beyond the control of the Olms Verlag (e.g. damage to public communications networks, power failures, denial of service attacks, etc) may lead to brief disruptions or temporary unavailability of the website.

4. The Olms Verlag guarantees the registered library/institution, in accordance with the conditions of use, a non-exclusive right, for the duration of the contract, to access, use and advertise this site.

4a. The library/institution may pass on the right to use the portal to its members and staff. The members/staff of the library/institution will be under the obligations set out in §3 and the library/institution will make these clear to the members/staff with express reference to the non-transferable personal rights of use.

4b. The registered library/institution does not have the right to transfer a licence or pass it on to a third party. All rights to the website and to the associated database remain with the Georg Olms Verlag. It is the duty of the registered library/institution to retain all copyright information and other information about legal protection in any copies of the website and related material.

The library/institution may not alter the website or material in any way, or reproduce, publicly display, quote, distribute or otherwise exploit it for public or commercial purposes unless appropriate special arrangements have been expressly agreed in writing (by letter or fax).

5. The Olms Verlag reserves the right to alter the composition of the collection at any time.

6. The Olms Verlag is committed to guaranteeing the security and integrity of the user data collected online. To this end the Olms Verlag in collaboration with the Göttinger Digitalisierungszentrum employs physical, electronic and administrative procedures for the protection of online information provided by users. These procedures protect the information against unauthorised access, disclosure, loss, misuse, manipulation or destruction. Furthermore, they serve to ensure the integrity and correct use of the data.
Independent of this commitment to protect your data (including data which enables personal identification) against loss, misuse or alteration, you should remain aware that the transfer of information via the Internet always involves a certain level of risk. Therefore the Olms Verlag cannot guarantee or ensure the security or protection of data which you send to us. You always act at your own risk.

7. OLMS ONLINE comprises all Internet content at the address www.olms-online.de and its subdomains.

OLMS ONLINE contains links which enable the user to access related and unrelated websites. The Olms Verlag takes no responsibility for the content of these sites.

8. The licence agreement is concluded for an indefinite period. Both partners may terminate the contract at the end of a month in writing (by letter or fax) with a period of one month’s notice.

9. If individual clauses in the conditions of use are or become invalid, the validity of the other clauses remains unaffected.