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Cohen, Hermann: Werke

Hermann Cohen (1842-1918) was founder of the “Marburg School”, one of the two main streams of Neo-Kantianism. He conceived basic problem of philosophy is clarification of fundamentals of knowledge, especially Natural science. His system of ethics also deserves attention; in order to solve the so-called “social question”, Cohen approached an ethical socialism, a position which provoked lively debate among German Social Democrats. Cohen finally became known through his articles on the question of the situation of Judaism in Europe. Towards the end of his life, Cohen drew up a philosophy of religion “from Judaic sources” which went beyond the problems of the day and proved to be influential on intellectual shaping of the 1920's.
Published by the Hermann Cohen Archives, Zurich, and the chief editor Helmut Holzhey this edition will not only present the latest versions of the texts, but also list textual variants compiled through collation of the various editions. Such a critical edition is extremely important for the understanding of Cohen's intellectual and philosophical development.

StructureMultivolume Work
AuthorCohen, Hermann
Year of Publication19787
Place of publicationHildesheim [u.a.]
Pica Productions NumberPPN521192749
CollectionsPhilosophie/Neuzeit (bis Kant)
Persistent URLhttp://www.olmsonline.de/purl?PPN521192749